About us

Due to our potential and passion we also modify vehicles to the desired specifications of our customers.

Malusaka is a stock held company created in 2017 strictly to export and import vehicles from or to Japan.


Based on our main business Ibaraki My Car (ibarakimycar.co.jp), which is a family business in the local market for over 40 years, Malusaka (malusaka.co.jp) is expending the reach of quality vehicles into the global market. Based on the DNA of our main company, here at Malusaka, we strive for highest possible transparency, quality and customer satisfaction at acceptable prices.


Together with our partners in various countries we are targeting customers who want to invest their hard earned money into an import from an exotic place like Japan and reduce the risks to possible minimum.


Due to customer demand we provide services not only related with sourcing vehicles in the japanese market, we also source motorbikes, tractors, heavy machinery, etc.

Lukasz Zawadzki


We are motoring enthusiasts who have been in the industry for over 40 years. Since then, we provide our clients only the best, tested cars in excellent technical condition. We have our own vehicle service station to be able to check the cars selected by you with full reliability. We provide advice and knowledge as well as 40 years of experience.
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For me most important thing is Your satisfaction. I will do everything to archieve it.