Malusaka bridges your car purchase



Are you considering a new 2nd hand or brand new vehicle from Japan but worry about the quality of the merchandise?

Are you worried about the language and cultural issues with local bidding agents?

Look no further. Here at Malusaka I add the personal touch to your future purchase. I am fluent in German, English, Polish and Japanese and due to my abilities I can provide a bridging point for your requirements with the local market.

There are over 140 auctions in Japan on a weekly basis and over 180.000 cars auctioned every week. It is impossible to inspect every single one of them personally. However due to my network within each auction house in the whole country I am able to request individual inspections by professional and dedicated individuals before the purchase. Quiet often it’s also possible to request photos of the vehicle before bidding.

Personally I attend the USS Yokohama, USS Tokyo, JAA, JU Saitama, TAA Kantou and a few other auction houses which are in driving distance of our shop.

After successful bidding each vehicle is transported to our shop in the prefecture of Ibaraki where a professional mechanic inspects the merchandise including a short test drive. In many cases there is a possible 7 days claim period for each vehicle. Especially parts like engine, transmission and differential are objects at risk and it is possible to claim them as damage which often results in either returning the vehicle without any costs or covered repairs of the damaged parts.

For further details please contact me directly:

WhatsApp: 0081 80 4788 0330 (Please remember about the time difference between your location and Japan)

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